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Let There Be Light & Phone Charging

I have found the perfect item for you to take with you for hotel stays! If you’re a techie like me, there’s never enough electrical sockets in the hotel room to accommodate everything that you need to charge. I always end up unplugging their raggedy alarm clock. With the PowerBulb by Mega Tiny, you can switch out the hotel lamp’s lightbulb and gain 2 USB ports to charge devices. Sounds like a winner to me!


PowerBulb LED 2 USB Port Light

The PowerBulb is a LED light with dual USB ports essentially turning any lamp into a charging station. Not only that, but this lightbulb is SMART! If you are charging two devices, it can automatically sense and send more power to the device with the lowest charge. Talk about prioritizing!

The bulb has a dedicated power button so that you have the ability to turn the light off while still charging devices. That’s right! Your devices will still charge with the light powered off as long as there is still power going into the lamp.

So what type of light does this LED lightbulb produce?

Nothing harsh. You’ll be pleased with the warm soft white light.

How long does the PowerBulb last?

The product claims that you should be able to get 50,000 hours of bulb life. Not bad at all.

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