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Cute and Girly iPhone Cases

Allure Selfie Case by Case-Mate

Questioning how to take the perfect selfie? According to Allure, “putting your best face forward for a great selfie is an art form: you need the right lighting, an appealing background, the perfectly angled head tilt.” So my guess is that a light-up selfie case with a special stability ring just may split the difference between the awkwardness of handheld palm positioning and the other extreme of trying too hard. Again according to Allure, “Lucky for us, Allure and Case-Mate have created the Allure Selfie Case to make taking all of those selfies a cinch. With a 360-degree rotating ring for stability and a soft, white light, the Allure Selfie Case by Case-Mate is available for the iPhone 7, 6, and 6s and iPhone 7 Plus, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus and comes in rose gold.”

Is taking the perfect selfie really as simple as purchasing this case?

Well, the golden rule for a perfect self is good lighting. Although I am serving face, this picture would be much better if I had better lighting. I’m confident that had I had a light-up selfie case in September 2016, this picture would have looked much better.

how to take the perfect selfie with the allure selfie case by case-mate

(dark concert selfie)

But what are some other things that go into taking the perfect selfie?

How To Take the Perfect Selfie

  1. Using the phone’s back camera. No matter the brand of your smartphone, the back facing camera typically shoots higher resolution photos than the front facing camera. You would think that by now that someone would emerge as the innovator to provide equal cameras on both the front and the back to please the selfie lovers, but I guess not. The Allure Selfie Case fails to provide light if you want to take a selfie in higher resolution.
  2. Capturing a good angle. You have to know your angles. No cell phone case will help you “know” your angles, but the case can be made to help you capture those angles with more ease. I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus (used to take the dark concert selfie). For all of my selfies, I hold up my phone up and at a diagonal. This is a little difficult due to the size of the phone compared to the size of my hand. Allure and Case-Mate have helped us out by providing the 360 degree stability ring which is basically a fancy way of saying finger grip. But okay, we’ll go with it.
  3. Having an interesting expression. There is no way humanly possible that Allure or Case-Mate can invent something to help you have a great expression in your selfie. Just as neither company can help you if you’re aesthetically challenged. Hey…it is what it is. And because I say what it is, that’s why you keep coming back for more!
  4. Selecting a good background. The backgrounds (or your environment) matters. For example, if you choose to take a selfie involving your bathroom mirror, make sure that the mirror is clean! Mirror water marks aren’t cute. It just tells everyone that you need to be cleaning instead of taking a selfie. Again, this is something that a selfie case is not going to help you with.

The Verdict

So it looks like we have determined that in order to attempt to get the perfect selfie, you must put in the work. Not Allure. Not Case-Mate. Or any other company for that matter. But it is always nice to have assistance.

Selfie Lighting Expectations

Good lighting is key; however, don’t expect any selfie lighting to drastically effect your photos if you are using it in daylight or an already well-lit environment. You are more likely to see improvements to your pictures when you utilize selfie lighting at night or in dimly-lit environments.

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